Crippled By Fear: Part I

by Burdened

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released November 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Burdened Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Badlands
Scaremongers at our throats.
Politicians tying ropes.
Freedom's song is so far gone.
We've been deceived all along.

Sons of Sam.

Why should we care if we are not the same?
Why can't we fight if you place the blame?

Women scream. Kids naive.
Fathers fight. Brothers die.
Endless war. No remorse.
In this game no one scores.

Equal rights quickly died.
All a plan. Sick of lies.
Twisted leaders. Bottom feeders.
Always praying on the weak.

Sons of Sam.

Why should we care if we are not the same?
Why can't we fight if you place the blame?
Track Name: Dirty Deeds
Greedy puppets.
Lying snakes.
Corporate slackers.
Local fakes.

Dirty deeds.
Planting seeds at the feet of our enemies.

Now we're all miserable.
They keep killing our own.
Now we're all miserable.
Bloody hands to our throats.

Melting beams.
Blowing steam.
Killing dreams.
Mercy please.
Bury me in the sea.

Now we're all miserable.
This broken world is our home.
Track Name: Detriment
Bad decisions. Mangled mess.
Blurry vision. Walking wreck.
Darker clouds. Hollow ground.
No such thing as safe and sound.

Dealt a hand of shit and then I'm labeled fucking sick.
Got these voices in my head who'd rather see me dead. Instead I'd rather bleed from the blade that comforts me. Tear my skin for my sins. Throw my ashes to the wind.

I've always been a detriment.
Can't you see I'm fucking spent?
Part of me just wants to die.
Sad to say it's not a lie.

Call me the lonely son.
Burden to everyone.
Don't let me wake for my soul you can take.
Leave me to rest so I can kill this feeling in my chest.
Track Name: Young and Dumb
Young, dumb.
Fucking up everything you do.
Your self-respect is lacking and my face is turning blue.
I tried to stay collected, but my patience never lasts.
Instead I took a chance and it just bit me in the ass.
Now I'm not made of gold.
Just saying so you know.
Bad dreams and broken homes.
I'd rather be alone.
Working from your knees screaming "spoil me".
Some love was meant to be.
Some love is misery.
I'm sick of wasting time.