by Burdened

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    This is "Tasteless" our 7 song debut EP released in 2010.

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released August 13, 2010

Recorded by Nick Nativo at The Nook Recording Studio.



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Burdened Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Tasteless
Hearts were just meant to be tasteless.
Everything is now just a memory as time withers away.
I see these demons in my dreams that slowly choke the life from me.
I hear them laughing in my head, this nightmare it won't ever end.
The nights are growing cold. I'm losing sleep. I'm on my own.
Paranoid in a world of make-believe where I'm living in my dreams and they're killing me.
Track Name: Filthy Schemes
Filthy schemes and filthy scenes.
Killing sprees and no more peace.
What is this world coming to?
We've just destroyed the human race.
Now we are going downhill and we can't fucking stop.
We just keep slipping faster.
Falling from the fucking top.
I don't think you care this much to make a change.
The world wasn't built on fragile bones only to fall in front of our face.
Crumbling down.
Track Name: Fury
What a waste of time.
I can't take it anymore.
How could I have trusted you with all the shit you say and do?
Your words are false, these days are tough, but without you I'm better off.
At this rate things will never change cause all it is are fun and games to you.
I never thought I'd see the day where my whole world went down in flames.
You turned your back and walked away..
A raging fire just died inside. The same damn fire that burned so bright for you.
This is my fury that I've held within.
Our days are numbered and we're all fucked in the end.
Live your life day by day. Slowly and surely we all rot and decay.
Track Name: Hold Your Tongue
Hold your tongue, everyone.
Just be careful what you say.
I'll take your words and chew them up
To spit them in your fucking face.
Think I'm lying? You just wait.
I'll prove you wrong and seal your fate.
Your selfish words won't help your case.
Apologies are way to late.
Track Name: Den of Thieves
Hang the bastards.
Kill the liars.
Drown the fucking thieves.
They're only out to get us now to bring us to our knees.
While the rest of the world is turning it's back the uniformed sit and wait for orders to attack.
When you lie through your teeth no one here is fucking safe.
Track Name: Loose Screws
Tell me how I'm still around.
I've been this way for years.
I've bottomed out and I've broken down.
I've fought off all of my fears.
How did I lose myself inside of my own mind?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
This happens every time..
How did I lose myself?
How can I fix myself?
I don't know what hurts more; my head now or before.
The pounding it won't stop.
The pounding it won't stop.
Why did I end up like this?
I can't go on like this.
What did I do to deserve all of this?
Track Name: Pigs
Counting down our days til' freedom from these fucking pigs.
They're scaring us away with filthy motherfucking lies.
In this world of shit there is only so much we can do.
We're fighting for ourselves since being betrayed is nothing new.

I will be fine on my own.